How long do lip fillers last for the first time?

How long do lip fillers last for the first time? | Kingsway Dermatology

Q. How Long Do Lip Fillers Last For The First Time?

A. For the first time lip augmentation, results can last 4-6 months. However, some may last up to 9 months. The variability stems from the HA filler product chosen, and the amount injected. HA fillers provide soft, supple definition which can be moulded, and massaged, and even reversed with an enzyme if necessary. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is found in our bodies and is broken down and resorbed over time. There are permanent and semi-permanent dermal filler molecules (NOT HA) on the market and we do not recommend these for lips as they have shown to be problematic in the short term, or over the years and they cannot be dissolved.

We have found that using hyaluronic acid (HA) filler provides a better long term effect when injections are layered, over time. Once you’ve achieved your desired result, usually only smaller touch-ups are required. Therefore, we view lip fillers and lip augmentation as more of a process.

The first time that lip fillers are done, you are building a base. Lip augmentation in your 20’s and 30’s will often have a different anticipated outcome compared to ’50s or ’70s. Don’t let scary lip photos and urban profiles deter you! Lip augmentation and beautifying can look very natural at every age. Our patients comment on how their lip filler experience made them feel sexier, more desired, less tired looking, more beautiful and pretty. Many are not looking for an obvious augmentation but a natural complement to what’s already there that won’t cause a strong reaction from family and friends. At this preliminary stage, most are looking for subtle differences to freshen up a deflated pout or restore youthfulness by smoothing lines and provide a hydrated look. Asymmetry can be rebalanced.

We recommend this gradual approach because the high mobility and functional demand of the lips require flexibility. If the lips are too dense with the volume of filler or the product is too dense, the “live motion” will look unnatural (even if a photo looks ok). Lip fillers will have the most obvious impact and can be noticeable immediately. Once you have kept up the look then you’ll start to notice that your lip fillers will last longer as you have a cumulative effect by having a surplus of HA molecules and the new collagen that was stimulated by the treatments. Some have reported their lip fillers lasting up to 2 years.