What Causes Forehead Wrinkles?


Q. What Causes Forehead Wrinkles?

A. Forehead wrinkles are unique because they form so many different patterns based on familial anatomy, expression and chronic sun exposure. Soft elastic mobile skin can turn into thin or clumpy etched lines without intervention. Foreheads can be low or high, wide, or connected to the motion of the frown. Wrinkles can look like an accordion, 1-2-3 deep lines, diagonal pulls, and often stronger on one side compared to the other. The talented doctors at Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Poulos, Dr. Ruppel, Dr. Redlick, Dr. Alexis, and Dr. Jambrosic, have years of experience of assessing forehead motion to choose and guide Botox dosing and position to achieve the results that you want.

Many people want a lightly calming effect, that looks very natural. Higher foreheads require more injection sites. Lower wrinkles are tougher to treat. Working with a qualified doctor to maintain your desired amount of animation and personality while calming the movement is our specialty! Raising our eyebrows, furrowing our brows, squinting in the sun, concentrating and being worried all attribute to lines that form on the forehead.

When the forehead lifting muscles collide with the frowning horizontal muscles, wrinkle patterns in the shape of a “U”, an “omega”, diagonals and others can form. Let our experience help recognize and recommend the correct treatment for you! It’s not the same for everyone because individuals activate these muscles uniquely so its possible for someone to have many horizontal lines and very little pronounce glabellar lines and vice versa.