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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal devices are safe and effective. From about 1990, light energy, and its interactions upon skin has been studied abundantly. The energies and wavelengths for laser hair removal are designed very carefully.

Safe and Effective Hair Removal

Laser and light energy devices are effective for removing hair. The darker concentration of pigment within the hair follicle gives higher contrast compared to the skin zone around, improving the removal outcomes. the delivery handpiece has a super chilled clear glass plate, touching the surface of the skin, to reduce heat for comfort and protection. the laser light is allowed to travel through the cooled tip and through the upper layers of skin, to the lower hair bulb where pigment is concentrated.

What does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

“LHR can feel like small zaps to the skin. Heat is generated at the hair bulb, to disrupt the growth and recovery of the new hair growth. At times there can be a little sizzle, or a slight warmed sensation too.
Immediately after, there can be tiny dots of peri-follicular redness and swelling, which dissipates quickly. In some patients, there can be a small “release” of histamine storage due to this interaction, which may even feel itchy.

Depending on the skin type, different wavelengths and energies are chosen to pass deeply to the bulb, and thus protected from heating the surface pigment.

Occasionally, the surface skin may get too heated. If hair follicles are very thick, dark, curved, and difficult to shave exactly at the surface, they may absorb more energy. Around the bonier surfaces, (top of the shin bone) clients may feel more heat, and careful contact should be maintained. The super chilled glass offers protection for the epidermal pigmentation.

How long does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal can be permanent. The complete disappearance of the hair bulb and the stem cell depends on generating enough heat in the bulb when the laser energy is transferred to the pigment. Most patients enjoy a remarkable visible improvement but may require a maintenance treatment now and then. Several theories may explain this; the hair follicle is heated and “sunned” and falls out. But the stem cell recovers over several months and then eventually regrows.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works due to the transfer of the light energy preferentially to the pigment contained within the hair bulb compared to the surrounding structures under the skin. Thus, brown and dark hairs and thicker hairs containing darker melanin absorb more energy. The opposite is true for blond and red hairs which contain yellow, tan, and red melanin pigments, which absorb less energy. White and grey hairs contain no more pigments, and simply represent a “naked” protein structure without colours (think of a white diamond vs a pink or yellow diamond).

So, for laser hair removal to work very efficiently, a maturely pigmented hair follicle must be present in the dermis, and shaved flush to the surface. A little-known fact is that hair follicles grow “acyclically”. This means, that some follicles will be actively growing, while others are dormant, or are actively falling out. Depending on an individual’s genetics, the time frame between fallen out and regrown with mature concentrated pigment could be 4-8 weeks or longer.

How early can I begin Laser Hair Removal and how often should I book an appointment?

What is the earliest age someone can choose to proceed with laser hair removal?

Any age after completing full puberty, to ensure terminal hairs with maximum pigmentation concentration. The individual must be able to understand and consent to the benefits, risks, and limitations of the procedure. Generally speaking, this may be age 14-18.

I’ve been told my hair growth is hormonal, can I still get laser hair removal?

Yes. Technically all hair growth will rely on a combination of genetics and various concentrations of hormones in the body. (that’s why puberty has such a noticeable impact on both scalp and body hair).

Because of the many differences in genetics and hair growth amongst people, we recommend coming back for laser hair removal appointments no closer together than 4-6 weeks apart. During COVID, we received many phone calls from worried clients regarding missing LHR appointments. The best way to think of missed visits, is it simply represents a pause to the final results, but not any negative influence to the efficacy.

Laser hair removal at Kingsway Dermatology

How do I know if Laser Hair Removal Is Right For Me?

If a person has darker skin pigmentation, a safer option for LHR is choosing a longer wavelength device, with highly effective chilled surface to protect the surface the best possible. The Triton has these options for dark brown, and darkest brown skin types. Proceeding slowly and methodically also ensures good outcomes.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal options at Kingsway to see which solution is right for you.

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