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Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

The experienced dermatologists and staff at Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre are committed to providing the highest quality medical and cosmetic dermatology services to help you look and feel like the best, most authentic version of you.

Shaving and waxing unwanted body hair can be a chore, requiring ongoing, time-consuming maintenance that produces short-term results. Save time and effort with our safe, effective laser hair removal in Toronto.

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Our Laser Hair Removal Technology

Laser hair removal works by passing light energy through the skin via one of our advanced lasers, which target the dark pigment within the hair follicle. The heated hairs damage the follicle’s stem cells, resulting in permanent and semi-permanent hair removal and reduction.

With four different cutting-edge laser treatments, including our newest addition, Triton, the world’s first patented multi-wavelength workstation, the laser hair removal experts at Kingsway can comfortably and effectively treat a range of skin tones, from fair to very dark, with exceptional, lasting results.

Triton laser hair removal at Kingsway Dermatology

Triton by InMode

Triton features a patented multi-wavelength system for permanent hair removal on skin types up to type VI. This device is unique in that two lasers fire simultaneously in each treatment, with two different wavelengths, maximizing efficacy. Its Fusion Technology combines the three most popular wavelengths in one device to target hair at different stages of the growth cycle, removing more unwanted hair in fewer sessions.

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Cutera® Laser Technology

Cutera® was the first to develop a laser that was safe to use on individuals with darker skin tones. The Cutera® premium laser platform features two proven wavelengths (755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG) as well as contact cooling for patient comfort, providing an advanced hair removal experience.

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Sciton® BBL

BBL, or broadband light, uses a broad range of wavelengths to target several skin conditions and can treat larger areas of the body more quickly than many other lasers. Sciton®’s BBL lasers are versatile enough to treat a range of skin conditions, and safely and effectively remove unwanted hair.

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Cynosure’s Palomar IPL hair removal uses scattered wavelengths of intense pulsed light to remove unwanted hair gently and effectively. Palomar Medical began developing lasers in the 1990s, and now offer some of the ultimate state-of-the-art hair removal lasers available today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

At Kingsway Dermatology, we offer cosmetic consultations, during which we will sit down with you and get to know a little bit more about you, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic goals. We will examine the areas you would like treated for laser hair removal and craft a personalized treatment plan just for you, depending on your skin tone, hair color, and the size of the treatment area.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is perfectly safe, and many patients describe the feeling as having a rubber band snapped against the skin. This slight discomfort generally only lasts a few seconds at a time and tends to hurt less than waxing.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can treat nearly anywhere on the body, with few exceptions. The most commonly treated areas are the face, ears, neck, armpits, back, chest, bikini, and legs.

Is There Downtime for Laser Hair Removal?

You may experience temporary discomfort directly after treatment, including redness, swelling, and skin irritation. However, these side effects typically disappear within a few hours of your laser hair removal session.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Due to the growth cycle of hair, seven or more treatments may be required to obtain the best results. It will depend on the area treated, your skin tone, and the amount of hair being removed, among other factors. When you come to us for your consultation, our experts will be able to give you a better idea of how many treatments you will need to obtain results.

Laser Hair Removal Dermatologists in Toronto

To find out more about laser hair removal treatment in Etobicoke or to schedule your consultation with our trusted dermatologist at Kingsway, call us at 461-231-0103 today.

Laser hair removal before and after results at Kingsway Dermatology in Toronto

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