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Volume Loss and Skin Laxity Treatment in Toronto

At Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre, it’s our goal to provide Etobicoke and our surrounding Toronto communities with access to the most cutting-edge, highest quality skin care solutions available today. Our skilled and knowledgeable dermatologists, together with our experienced and compassionate staff, are committed to providing you with outcomes that will help you look and feel your very best.

For many patients, skin laxity is a major concern, which only increases as we age. We offer several treatments for sagging skin and volume loss to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, employing advanced injection techniques, laser technology, and collagen induction therapy to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

volume loss skin laxity treatment
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Why Treat Skin Laxity?

Starting around age twenty-one, our bodies start to produce 1% less collagen per year, so over time, everyone will experience skin laxity. Elastin, the protein which allows our skin to “bounce back” from damage, also begins to deplete along with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies that binds to collagen and is critical to skin hydration.

The way we age differs from person to due our genetics and environmental factors, such as sun exposure and lifestyle choices. This can manifest as hollows in our cheeks and skin laxity, with folds and creases becoming increasingly prominent around the eyes and mouth. Altogether, this can lead to feeling a lot older than you really are, which can impact your self-confidence.


Our Skin Laxity Treatments

Our skin laxity treatments aim to restore lost volume and rebuild collagen and other structural components that work together to keep the skin lifted. When you come to Kingsway for your consultation, our expert team of dermatologists and cosmetic technicians will determine which treatment will help you achieve exceptional, natural-looking results.

Dermal Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and for face volume loss treatment, helping to lift sagging areas and improve the contours of the face.

BOTOX<sup>®</sup> and XEOMIN<sup>®</sup>

Neuromodulators such as BOTOX® and XEOMIN® are strategically injected into different areas of the face to keep the muscles from contracting, improving the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.


Ultherapy is a skin tightening treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen and to strengthen weak collagen, tightening and lifting the skin.

Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy or CIT, uses a device with tiny needles to create controlled wounds that trigger the body’s natural healing response, including collagen production.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP treatment involves extracting a small amount of the patient’s blood to isolate the growth factors from the platelets and injecting them back into the treatment area to improve skin’s appearance.

Medical Grade Skin Care

We offer a variety of medical grade skin care products, which can be prescribed at our dermatologists’ discretion to provide you with at-home treatments for skin laxity.

Treatments for Skin Laxity in Toronto

To learn more about our different skin laxity and anti-aging treatments, or to schedule a consultation with our esteemed Toronto dermatologists, please contact Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre today at 415-231-0103.

volume loss skin laxity treatment in Toronto

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