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At Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre, we are pleased to offer you the most innovative aesthetic and medical dermatology treatments available today, performed by a team of skilled physicians and expert staff members who specialize in ensuring you receive nothing but the very best in skin care.

Certain skin conditions, such as moles and skin tags, can affect your self-confidence or even become an indicator of a larger issue such as melanoma, or skin cancer. We offer treatments for these conditions, so you can preserve your skin health and feel as radiant on the outside as you do within.

Mole and Skin Tag Removal in Toronto

Mole Evaluation

Moles can be found anywhere on the skin, and while some are present at birth, others develop during childhood and early adulthood. Moles can be flat or raised, or even have hairs growing out of them. While many moles are benign, they can sometimes make you feel self-conscious, especially if they are in prominent areas like the face or neck.

Some moles, however, can be a cause for concern. Moles that continue to grow into later adulthood, are asymmetrical, or are otherwise atypical, can potentially be cancerous and should be examined immediately. Suspicious moles may require a skin biopsy to rule out malignant changes.

Laser Mole Removal in Toronto

Surgical and Laser Mole Removal

When you come to us for an examination, our trained dermatologists often use a tool called a dermascope to examine moles more closely to determine whether a mole is benign (healthy) or irregular. If it is irregular, a biopsy is usually recommended. If a mole is benign, there are several ways your dermatologist may choose to remove it.

One method is by excision, during which a surgical blade is used to shave off the mole. When done with experience and care, the area heals with minimal to no scarring. At times, a deeper excision is required, whereby stitches are used to close the skin. Your dermatologist will advise you if this method is necessary.

There are other types of lesions that can be treated by ablation with a precision laser-like device. This breaks down the surface cells, leaving the skin around it intact. Once again, when performed with experience and care, the healing process is quick, and there is minimal to no scarring.


Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are “fleshy” lesions that are commonly found in skin folds such as the neck, armpits, and groin area. Although skin tags are harmless and painless, they can make you feel self-conscious at best, and at worst can become irritating when they rub or snag against clothing or jewelry.

There are several home remedies advising on how to remove skin tags, but the safest way to do so is to trust a trained medical professional. At Kingsway, we offer several skin tag removal treatments.

Surgical Excision in Toronto

Surgical Excision

During a surgical excision, your skilled dermatologist will numb the area and remove the skin tag using a scalpel or scissors. This will immediately get rid of the skin tag, and the area will be bandaged to heal on its own, with aftercare instructions from your physician to reduce the risk of infection and irritation.


Electrosurgery refers to burning the skin tags off with an electric current. It is a quick procedure with minimal downtime, and it will also cauterize the skin as it removes the tag, which will prevent bleeding and result in minimal scarring.

Electrosurgery in Toronto
Cosmetic Cryotherapy

Cosmetic Cryotherapy

Skin tags can also be removed using cosmetic cryotherapy, in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin tag off the body. There is no downtime associated with this type of skin tag removal, but the skin tag will not fall off immediately; it may take as long as two weeks.

Laser Mole Removal and Skin Tag Removal Experts in Toronto

Whether you’re concerned with skin tags or moles for aesthetic reasons, are worried about the new appearance of a mole, or are troubled by the new growth of a current mole, the experienced dermatologists at Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre can help.
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Laser Mole Removal and Skin Tag Removal Experts in Toronto

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