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Brown Spot and Sunspot Removal in Toronto

At Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality skin care solutions. Our experienced dermatologists are experts in the fields of both medical and cosmetic dermatology, and together with our compassionate, skilled staff, we aim to ensure that every patient receives effective treatment.

As we age, sun damage can lead to the appearance of sunspots, and age can also lead to the appearance of brown spots, also called liver spots or age spots. We offer several treatments to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these spots for smooth, even skin.

What Are Brown Spots?

Brown spots typically fall into two categories:

Brown Spot and Sunspot Removal in Toronto

Seborrheic keratoses are warty, waxy brown growths that don’t appear until adulthood, unlike moles or birthmarks. These harmless, raised lesions tend to run in families and are completely harmless, but they can be visually unappealing, and their protrusion can cause them to become irritated by clothing or jewelry.

Solar lentigines, or “age spots,” are round or oval-shaped tan or brown lesions that typically appear on areas of the body that experience high levels of sun exposure, such as the face and the backs of the hands. They are very common after the age of 40 and occur as a results of accumulated sun damage.

Our Treatments for Sunspots and Brown Spots

There are multiple ways these spots can be addressed. When you come to Kingsway for your consultation, we’ll examine the spot or spots in question and determine the best treatment to fit your individual needs.

Shave Removal

During a shave removal, our dermatologists will apply topical anesthetic to the brown spot before using a surgical scalpel to carefully shave away the top layer of skin.

Cosmetic Cryotherapy

Cosmetic cryotherapy involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the brown spot off the body, although it may take about two weeks for the spot to fall off completely.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acid to remove the top few layers of skin, which makes them an effective way to remove or reduce the appearance of brown spots.


IPL, or “intense pulsed light,” targets pigmentation in your skin, and delivers heat into that area to break up the pigmentation and absorb it back into your body.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing treats brown spots by delivering light energy in columns into the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process and collagen production.

Specialty Skin Care

We also have a number of specialty skin care products available that can help address brown spots. Your dermatologist will recommend the product that’s best for you.

Laser Sunspot Removal in Toronto

Laser Sunspot Removal

To find out more about brown spot removal in Toronto, or to schedule a consultation at Kingsway Dermatology, give us a call today at 416-231-0103.


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