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Magic in the extras;
Skin Care is the Gym for
Your Skin!

Hello Everyone,

I would love to plant an idea seed. That being consistent should be one of the pillars in your life that fills and floods every aspect. It is similar to persistence, and related to dedication, but a little different and equally important. The application and practice of of consistency improves everything. Skin health is important, and consistent efforts make huge strides and noticeable results. Any age and stage is a good time to start to feel great.

Be Your Best Self. Be Confidently Radiant

Dr. Fisher

Dr. Fisher of Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre

High quality skin care is properly researched, buffered, and has a stable pH so the vital ingredients are delivered fresh and ready to start!! There are no wrong choices here. And its good to change things up here and there.

Vit C, SOD, Ferulic acid as the proven AM-use anti-oxidant Niacinamide and madecassic acid for stimulating collagen growth, Kojic acid, arbutin for lightening pigmentation. Zinc and sulpher, Pyratine for anti-redness.

Just to name a few. Phew!

Come and talk with our experts for a 3 month skin care cycle refresh!!

Consistency In Skin Care

The skin’s own immune response and regenerative cycle is more responsive and complex than once imagined. Base gentle ingredients that function as daily cleanser, rehydrating moisturizer and exfoliating are a must. Choosing the product with ingredients for your skin condition will be ongoing. “It all depends” – this statement really is paying homage to uniquely you. Do you wear heavy makeup? Do you work 8 hours as a cook? Struggling with rosacea? A mix of the above? Having high quality products and adjusting how much, how often concentrations and switching up routines can be very helpful.

Exfoliation involves removal of dead skin cells from the surface. The excess dead skin can be stuck down by oils, dirt and makeup. There are a variety of methods to accomplish this in solo or combination routines.

The Benefits

  • Glow – Brighter, fresher, less dull looking skin
  • Flawless – Products, ingredients and makeup absorbs more readily and looks smoother
  • Pimple Prevention – “Freeing up” the surface of oil gland/hair follicle unit to continually and gradually rid black heads

The Options

“Lifting” the dead cells; mechanical abrasion, brush, fine polish pre-cleanser routine, dermabrasion, laser nano peels, Halo laser fractionated amazement!

“Unbuckling” the dead cells; topical BHA, urea, salicyclic acid, mandelic acid, retinol. There are differences in “mixing” quality of these ingredients in oily and non-oily skin types.

Dermatologist Tip; go low and slow and stay consistent.

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