How To Avoid Forehead Wrinkles?

Q. How To Avoid Forehead Wrinkles?

A. Forehead wrinkles are almost unavoidable, as we live life and age those expression lines can turn static. You can practice having a relaxed expression or “resting face” and you can limit the amount of direct sunlight and practice proper use of a good daily sunscreen. Guided use of alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids can also keep your skin fresh. These powerful ingredients work by keeping dead skin cells sloughed to avoid accumulation and settling into the lines amplifying their appearance.

There are tapes and serums that also claim to assist with this however we recommend starting at the early signs of these lines with “baby” Botox injections that can be a preventative measure and keep your forehead wrinkle free.

You can also evaluate the lifestyle habits that are contributing such as stress or poor rest which have an impact. Techniques to practice mindfulness and manage stress can possibly work to lessen the impact of these factors and keep the muscles in your forehead relaxed.